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How to Disable the Floating Screenshots Preview on Mac using macOS

If you recently updated your Mac or MacBook to macOS to Mojave and above, you would have noticed that when you take a screenshot using Option+Shift+4 keys, it creates a little preview on the bottom of the screen and then after a few seconds, the screenshot is moved to your desktop. Here is how you can stop these floating screenshots in macOS and directly access the images on your desktop.

Disable Screenshot Preview in macOS Mojave and above

If you have been manually swapping out the screenshot on the right after upgrading to macOS, follow the steps below to deal with the annoyance for once and for all.

  • Start by Opening the macOS Screenshot utility by using CMD+Shift+5 Keys.
  • Another way of accessing the screenshot utility in macOS is to open up your spotlight and then type in ‘Screenshot’ and then launch the app Launch Screenshot Utility in macOS Mojave
  • Once the screenshot Utility is up and running, click on the options at the far right of the window
  • Disable ‘Show Floating Thumbnail’ by unselecting it.How To Disable Screenshot floating previews on macOS Mojave
  • Exit out of the utility by clicking on the ‘X’
  • This will keep the screenshots from showing up as the floating image on your screen

Since, you are already here in the screenshot utility options, here are a few things you can check out.

Grab Utility in macOS Mojave and above

First and foremost, the old Grab Utility on macOS has been replaced by this new screenshot utility. When you search for Grab using macOS Mojave+, it will bring up the screenshot utility instead. That being said, if you do want to use the old grab utility on macOS, you can retrieve an older copy from your time machine and continue using it.

Here is an article that walks you through the detailed process of setting this up.

Savings Screenshots to a Folder of Choice

When working with screenshots on our MacBook and Macs, many of us would like to store the screenshots in a designated folder for later retrieval instead of moving these screenshots to the desktop.  This just keeps your desktop clean and clutter-free.

Use the Screenshot Utility Options and choose ‘Other Location..’ in the Save options and choose a folder.

Once you have set it up, the screenshots will be stored in the designated folder. You can click on the ‘x’ to exit out of the screenshot utility.

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